Sunday, March 25, 2012

2011 - same as 2010... bummer

So the 2011 season was just as challenging for me in terms of riding as 2010. I didn't get out much but did take a few day rides. The huge disappointment is that the odometer is screwed up. After the above picture at some point the odometer stopped working. So now I need to guess how far I go unless I have the GPS hooked up. With a $100+ to replace the unit, the replacement will have to wait for awhile. But I rode when I could in the 2011 season.

2010 - Late but here now!

2010 was a slow riding season for me. Many life changes. But I did get a "Dads weekend away" and took the LT on its longest trip since getting it a few years back. The bigger deal, for me, was coming home, did all 900+ miles in one day. That was fun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ely Trip 663miles pt3

Ely Trip 663miles pt2

After leaving Duluth the North Shore was cool ridding. Lake Superior was calm and it is always great to see this lake, the largest fresh water lake in the world. We stopped at Betty’s Pies for some soup.

Ely Trip 663miles pt1

I’ve been wanting to do this trip in ONE day for while. So a couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning I left at 6am and headed north for Forrest Lake and met Tim. We would spend most of the day together from then on. It’s about 100miles from my house to the micky D’s at this exit. After we met up we headed for Duluth and a stop at some brick building downtown; Aerostich. If you haven’t checked out their site or stopped by this place you are really missing some great products being made in the USA.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Cycle ... sorta

Pic #1 - Home to Rochester
Pic #2 - Mileage
Pic #3 - '76 KZ400 Kawasaki

All of my posts up until now have been about my K100LT Beemer! Today was a very interesting day. It started out with a breakfast with the Cornerstone Cruisers held at Calvary EFC church here in Rochester. A group of them were heading out to Cookson Hill Christian Ministries in Oklahoma for a week. I had planned to ride all day long so I had a "free" day anyways. Well I've been looking for an old cycle to tear apart and learn about what makes it all work inside. To do this I ended up trading our '94 Jeep Cherokee with 277K for the above cycle. We haven't been driving it for a few of months. We've had the Jeep since Dec '93, that's 17years of our 19years of being married - wow, Aimee and I felt like we were losing a close friend - yeah right.... it is just a hunk of metal on wheels. I ended up riding the KZ all the way home to Rochester. Had it stall out once and couldn't get it started, yet after it sat for a while I was able to start it. So now I've got a retro motorcycle I can work on and "restore" - we'll see. The LT is definitely more comfortable, however, i'm way surprised that it did cruise at 60/65mph at no problem. It will be a fun 'around the town' cycle.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

DQ run and Lake Pepin

On Saturday afternoon May 1st I took of with Davin for a DQ run in Lake City. As we sat there eating our cone we kept looking across the lake at the Wisconsin bluff's We decided to head home via Wisconsin. It was a great ride with my son!